Quanten Systems Real-time Network

A network with real-time data, all the time, Zero down time.

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Our Technology

Real-time Network

The Real-time Network is built using our real-time components which are built upon our native APIs for scalability, robustness, and flexibility.

We support millions of tags with per second sampling. The real-time engine can work in conjunction with our High Frequency Data Store and Calculation Engine to provide real time acquisition of data.

This includes custom calculations and historical storage and retrieval of data including aggregations for visualizations, analytics, and metrics.

Build scalable robust solutions around you data model without having to worry about scalability, provisioning, communication, and data storage.

Please contact us to license our development SDKs for OPC UA, OPC DA/HDA, DXP, Store and Real-time engine

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  • Our Real-time Engine is scalable and robust.
  • With our node network architecture new nodes can be added as needed to scale.
  • Millions of tags with per second sampling.
  • The real-time engine can work in conjunction with our High Frequency Data Store and Calculation Engine to provide real time acquisition of data.
  • The High Frequency Data Store is unparalleled in performance and functionality.
  • Read and write tens of millions of points per second on consumer-grade hardware.
  • Advanced signal processing allows compression ratios 30-70% better than binary compression libraries with no speed impact.
  • Handles several hundreds of years of data at one sample per second with constant performance.
  • Distributed time-series calculation engine that allows historical inserts.
  • Comes with OOTB calculations for many scenarios.
  • Extensible API which allows custom implementations for any need.
  • Can accept multiple sources for input/output: SQL, OPC UA, SignalR, WebSockets, Web Services, HTTP POST/GET, DXP, and more.
  • Data interchange adapter which allows communication between protocols for low bandwidth, high latency and unreliable connections.
  • Provide an encrypted and compressed proxy tunnel through different networks or low-bandwidth and high-cost connections.
  • DXP transmission adapts to data passing through, optimizing bandwidth usage and processing overhead for servers and clients.
  • Visualize large sets of data in rea-ltime over OPC, OPC UA, or from the cloud.
  • Dekstop-based visualization framework provides hardware-accelerated UI controls and 3D visualization engine for dynamic and engaging displays.
  • Web-based visualization framework provides real-time updates from any web browser or internet-enabled mobile devices into custom-built and dynamically editable displays.
  • Set up custom displays and different data sources for each type of user.
  • DXP is our proprietary high-performance low-overhead transmission protocol ideal for resource-starved and unreliable environments.
  • Designed around similar high-performance protocols, DXP transmission also adapts to data passing through, optimizing and reducing bandwidth usage.
  • Our industry-benchmarked compression algorithms are based on recent advancements in research on context-based adaptive compression models, surpassing traditional sliding window dictionary-based compression methods in memory requirements, compression ratios and speed.
Our proprietary compression routines are designed with high-performance data serialization algorithms, handling several gigabytes per second on consumer-grade hardware


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